Moist Toilet paper


It seems mundane to write about toilet paper. But make sure you take a pack of the moist ones! It might weigh a bit more then a normal role of toilet paper, and if you want to do it extremely light weight, nature is always providing a wipe. But the advantages of the moist toilet paper are huge. Apart from using it for what it’s made, I used it to do my dishes when I did not have too much water. No need for soap, water or a towel. Just a couple of wipes and you’re done. I also used it to give myself a quick wash when I had been without a shower for a couple of days.

So the weight they carry in moist can be compensated by leaving home washing up liquid and a towel. This moist toilet paper is available in most countries I traveled through. So no worries about running out. I especially remember the ones a bought in a very small Serbian village. They smelled so good, it was a joy to wash myself with them. It would feel as if I’d just put on some perfume.

I made sure I never ran out of these ones, and  know I will, from now on, always carry them with me.

Please be aware that you do actually have moist toilet paper and do not carry baby wipes. The last ones contain oil and are very different from the ones I love!