The Route

”If you want to make God laugh; just tell him about your plans.” – Mooji

The way to Istanbul was long. I estimated it to be around 4000 km before I left. I covered 3933.2km. With the extras I walked on my days off, I did cover the 4k easily.

I intended to walk the E8 till Vienna and from there the Sultans Trail to Istanbul. I did both partly, but mainly found the way through Europe on my own, day by day.

The exact route I took. Click it to make it interactive.

The Progress

The day by day progress was as follows:
Day 1NijmegenGoch31.831.8
Day 2GochKevelaer33.265.0
Day 3KevelaerStraelen24.289.2
Day 4StraelenBeesel28.6117.8
Day 5BeeselVlodrop station22.2140.0
Day 6HerkenboschSusteren32.6172.6
Day 7SusterenBingelrade16.0188.6
Day 8BingelradeAachen35.8224.4
Day 9AachenSimonskall34.5258.9
Day 10Rest0.0258.9
Day 11HeimbachDreimühlen27.9286.8
Day 12DreimühlenRheinbach32.2319.0
Day 13RheinbachBonn31.0350.0
Day 14BonnRemagen28.7378.7
Day 15RemagenHammerstein25.9404.6
Day 16HammersteinRübenach27.8432.4
Day 17RübenachBrey26.5458.9
Day 18BreyBoppard10.5496.4
Day 19BoppardOberwesel31.6528.8
Day 20OberweselBingen am Rhein34.7562.7
Day 21BingenBudenheim27.7590.4
Day 22BudenheimNackenheim29.1619.5
Day 23NackenheimGuntersblum20639.5
Day 24GuntersblumHermsheim26.1645.6
Day 25HermsheimLangwaden32.7678.3
Day 26LangwadenLindenfels28.8707.1
Day 27LindenfelsMichelstadt21.7728.8
Day 28Rest0.0728.8
Day 29MichelstadtMiltenberg30.5759.3
Day 30MiltenbergWertheim31.0790.3
Day 31WertheimSteinbach31.3821.6
Day 32SteinbachBad Mergentheim28.4850.0
Day 33Bad MergentheimTauberzell34.8884.8
Day 34TauberzellZiegelhutte31.3916.1
Day 35ZiegelhutteHalsbach33.6949.7
Day 36HalsbachFremdingen19.7969.4
Day 37FrendingenHurnheim25.6995.0
Day 38HurnheimDonauwörth33.71028.7
Day 39Rest0.01028.7
Day 40Rest0.01028.7
Day 41DonauwörthStepperg30.01058.7
Day 42SteppergIngolstadt35.41094.1
Day 43IngolstadtPforring24.91119.0
Day 44PforringKelheim29.11148.1
Day 45KelheimRegensburg25.91174.0
Day 46Rest0.01174.0
Day 47Rest0.01174.0
Day 48RegensburgWörth an der Donau34.51208.5
Day 49Wörth an der DonauDenkzell37.51246.0
Day 50DenkzellSankt Englmar21.11267.1
Day 51Sankt EnglmarBergwacht hütte29.81304.1
Day 52HütteDaxstein23.81327.9
Day 53DaxsteinSchrottenbaummühle28.11356.0
Day 54SchrottenbaummühlePassau24.71380.7
Day 55PassauEngelhartszell28.51409.2
Day 56EngelhartszellOdin Bergen29.71438.9
Day 57Odin BergenAlkoven26.41465.3
Day 58AlkovenLinz20.31485.6
Day 59LinzLinz7.61493.2
Day 60LinzAu an der Donau25.01518.2
Day 61Au an der DonauGrein34.61552.8
Day 62GreinSarling27.91589.7
Day 63SarlingMelk29.31610.0
Day 64MelkRossatz27.81637.8
Day 65RossatzNeusiedl25.61663.4
Day 66NeusiedlPischelsdorf30.51693.9
Day 67PischelsdorfHöflein an der Donau27.21721.1
Day 68HöfleinWien22.81743.9
Day 69Rest0.01743.9
Day 70Rest0.01743.9
Day 71Rest0.01743.9
Day 72WienRauchenwarth22.91766.8
Day 73RauchenwarthBruck and der Donau31.41798.2
Day 74Bruck an der donauBad Deutsch-Altenburg24.71822.9
Day 75Bad D-ABratislava30.91853.8
Day 76Rest0.01853.8
Day 77BratislavaDonau bank30.91884.7
Day 78Donau bankGabcikovo31.01915.7
Day 79GabcikovoGyör28.31944.0
Day 80GyörPannohalma24.51968.5
Day 81PannohalmaRomand18.21986.7
Day 82RomandZirc31.72018.4
Day 83ZircVeszprém28.52046.9
Day 84Rest
Day 85VeszprémBalatonfüret26.32073.2
Day 86Rest
Day 87Rest
Day 88Rest
Day 89Rest
Day 90Rest
Day 91Rest
Day 92Rest
Day 93Rest
Day 94Rest
Day 95Rest
Day 96Rest
Day 97SiofokBabonymegyer24.42097.6
Day 98BabonymegyerSzacks35.02132.6
Day 99SzacksDombovar32.02164.6
Day 100DombovarPécs64.12228.7
Day 101PécsDraz70.22298.9
Day 102DrazVukovar98.62397.5
Day 103VukovarNovi Sad95.02492.5
Day 104Novi SadBelgrado98.32590.8
Day 105Rest2590.8
Day 106Rest2590.8
Day 107BelgradeBela Crkva89.92680.7
Day 108Bela CrkvaDrencova112.72793.4
Day 109DrencovaDorbeta-Turnu Severin100.82894.2
Day 110DorbetaSalcia92.02986.2
Day 111SalciaBechet119.83106.0
Day 112BechetViisora108.13214.1
Day 113ViisoraGiurgiu84.73298.8
Day 114Rest3298.8
Day 115Rest3298.8
Day 116Rest3298.8
Day 117Rest due to illness3298.8
Day 118Rest due to illness3298.8
Day 119Rest due to illness3298.8
Day 120GiurgiuCherven48.63347.4
Day 121ChervenKochovo111.13458.5
Day 122KochovoAytos118.93577.4
Day 123AytosBurgas40.93618.3
Day 124BurgasTurkish Border86.03704.3
Day 125Turkish BorderVıze82.03786.3
Day 126VizeArnavutkoy114.83901.1
Day 127ArnavutkoyIstanbul32.13933.2