Dear readers,

The days after publishing my website and spreading the news of my adventure, I have had so many wonderful reactions. Thank you all! You might all have read the support my parents gave me. This really means a lot to me. When I first told them about my plans, they did not really know what to think of it. ‘’Are you serious? Why would you do anything like that? Why not Santiago?  I thought you were going to university again…’’ Those questions I was asking myself around that time too. But now that the news is out in the open and my plans are getting more clear, everything falls into place. I really can do nothing else except starting to walk. As my dad said about my birth announcement card, as if it was meant to be. You’ll find a picture of in attached to this post.

A number of people asked me whether they could walk with me. This is the best support you can give me. It cheers me up to know people are actually thinking about joining me for a time. If you feel compelled to the adventure and want to share in it, you are more than welcome! But please don’t make me empty promises. It is easy to tell me you want to walk with me. But it might take a lot of courage and effort to actually find me along my way.  Know that I am looking forward to meet people from home along my way. You know how to find me!

It is my wish that my website will be the main source of communication about my trip. It is great to see all the reactions on my Facebook post, but these reactions will slowly vanish in nothingness over the next days. The comments on my website will stay and are easy to find for me when I’m looking for inspiration. Therefore I am asking you all to place your reactions on my website. They don’t all have to be as long and deep as those of my parents, a simple word of encouragement is enough. I value all of them.

This week Anouk and I quit the rent and started to sell some of our stuff to provide for our stays abroad. Making these steps was hard and confronting, but we both know it had to be done. It all makes this plan so real. The coming days I will be putting together my gear list and start to plan my first couple of weeks of walking in more detail.

Please keep sharing the news and feel free to leave a comment.


geboortekaartje Thomas