My tent, my house, my home. I intended to set out with a very small Coleman tent. This tent would only fit me, my backpack had to stay outside. For weekend trips in good weather, this is ideal. For longer trips in vile weather, it does not do the job. My Hilleberg Akto was spacious enough to fit me and my luggage. I could even sit upright in the middle of the tent.  Even after pitching and packing it for over 60 times during my trip, it still looks new.

What needs to be considered when looking for a tent is first of all weight and size. Obviously they are interrelated. There are some super lightweight and really spacious tents out on the market, but the prices got up with every ounce the weight goes down. When the weather is vile and night falls early, be prepared to spend a lot of time in you tent. Being able to sit upright is a big plus!

You might also want to consider the possibility to keep you luggage with you in your tent. I left my bag outside my tent during a couple of nights, but found it wet or frozen each time. Being able to keep you stuff close feels more safe and will improve the durability.

Another big plus of most Hilleberg tents is the possibility to pack the in tent separately, while the outer tent stays pitched. This allows you to pack you in tent dry in heavy rain. When pitching, the outer tent is pitched first, and the in tent is attached to it later. I used this very often since the outer tent would always be moist during the early morning hours in which I used to pack. When attached, pitching seemed just a matter of seconds.

A tent is the only protection you have during long, cold, dark nights. Make sure you do trust it!