Thank you for being interested to register to my website. It would be a dream of me to have my trip published in book form eventually. But I think it is realistic to say that chances are small this will actually happen. So I’ve come up with something different. In stead of you having to wait for months or maybe even years for a full book to be published, I will grant you access to my writings as they progress. For a contribution of €10,- (just once) you will be on top of things as they develop. You will be able to interact with me about my writings, provide me with feedback and even have the possibility to ask me to write about specific topics or experiences. Hopefully these stories will inspire you as much (or even more) as did my normal blog posts. It is my intention to have a publishable writing ready every three weeks/ every month. However, I find it more important to write meaningful stories and I know from experience that inspiration is not always there when it is wanted.

In order to become fully registered, you should subscribe form below. Once I received your payment of €10,- on my account, I will grant you access. Depending on the your bank, it might take a day or three for your account to become fully functional. You can transfer you payment to (IBAN) NL64 INGB 0009 1108 54 on the name of T. Hontelez in De Steeg. For payments from abroad you’ll also need the BIC: INGBNL2A