Time flies a bit faster than I would like at the moment and I realize from now on I have to say I will be leaving in two weeks instead of three, and the preparations start to feel like serious business. I came to realize I do not like ‘goodbyes’.

I have updated some parts of the website in the past week. ‘The How’ is now ‘The Route’ and has more information about the exact route I will follow.  I have linked all the GPS-tracks I have so far on my computer and it showed a staggering 4200 km! More than I expected. I do realize however that I might not follow this exact route, since a lot can happen along the way. This week I will be planning the first part of my trip through Germany in more detail and go by the week from there. I have been interviewed for the local newspaper ‘De Brug’, which will be distributed tomorrow in Nijmegen and surroundings. You will find a copy of it online soon of course. And I  have ordered my business cards to hand out along the way so people can stay in touch with me. So far the practical side…

I have also come to realize this week that a lot of people are inspired by what I am about to set out to. Even more than I expected they would have. It feels weird to be called an example or to see that what I do actually matters to people. But I feel very honored to be in this position. I feel blessed to be able to follow my heart where others can, for all kinds of reasons, only dream about undertaking such an adventure. But I keep telling everyone, I still have to make the first steps. And however good-looking or well-written this website is, I have not come any closer to Istanbul yet. But please, keep telling me these stories, it really means a lot to me and strengthens me in my drive to leave.

This week I also received the first donations to my trip. That also feels a bit unreal. People are giving me money, just because I am going to do what I love most. I am struck by the fact that people are offering me some way to sustain myself during the trip without wanting anything in return. Somehow I feel obliged to give them something in return, but that would spoil the intention of their gifts. So I am stuck in a position where I am forced to be humble and accept the goodness of others around me. A role I hope to learn to play a lot better along the road. But with the donations I bought a brand new stainless steel pot set to cook my meals along the way. These things will last forever, so the salesman said. On all my future trips I will be grateful to the one who made this possible.

You will hear from me soon!

With love,


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