I try to post a update on my Facebook page every day. But I know not everyone reading my blogs does also have Facebook. So I just want to give you a quick recap of the last couple of days in Bucharest.

I am still there. I planned on leaving the city on Tuesday and make my way in the direction of Constanta on the Black Sea coast. First I got delayed by a sudden illness. Sunday afternoon I felt really weird when I walked through town with my mom. We decided to go home, since I was really in need of a bathroom. Luckily we found some temporary toilets on our way. I might not have made it home clean if we didn’t. Once home, the real trouble started. I will spare you the details but at the end of the evening I was sure my stomach as well as my intestines were as empty as the day I was born.


I don’t know which would have been for me. I felt more dead than alive…


The next day a doctor was called and pills, drops and powders were brought in. I felt so weak, spend the whole day in bed, barely able to walk the stairs. How could this body, which carried me all the way from Holland to Bucharest feel so weak in just a matter of hours? I felt as I was on top of the world before, physically in the best shape I’ve ever had. And suddenly this… It is now the third day after this experience and I feel strong enough to get back on my bike tomorrow. I will have to take it easy, but I hope I’m back in my old rhythm in a couple of days. This forced rest made me rethink my route, though.

I planned on cycling along the Danube and the Black Sea coast to avoid mountains. After some research on the interwebs I found that it does not really matter how I cycle through Bulgaria since I will have to cross the mountains anyway. I found a good GPS track from people who went before me and found a nice way into Istanbul. I have decided to follow this route. It goes from Ruse straight down into Bulgaria and in a direct line to my end goal. Its about 630 km and should be doable in 7 days. That is, if I am able to tackle the mountains and the weather with my current condition. 7 days! Please don’t tell me I don’t need to rush or that I do not need to push myself. I know. But I am realistic here and have to realise how quickly this adventure might come to an end really.

No big thoughts on how I will feel then though. Too early for that. But a big thanks to all my friends in Bucharest who supported me during these tough days! I do not know if I’ll get back to you in this way before I reach Istanbul. I really want to make this last leg of the trip my own. You will get a report after I arrived of course! I feel nervous and excited, just like the day I left home. A new country up ahead, new roads to travel and a new people to meet. Let’s go!