Why can’t two people who love each other so very much, not simply be together? I’ve seen it yesterday and was confronted with it myself again today. Does it mean the love is just not strong enough? Is it that we just finished our business together and should move on to new lessons? Then why should there always be a lesson attached? People should be able to be together because they love each other, no strings attached. Who decides if two people can and should be together, and how does one know whom one should be with? Is it all just a matter of choice, or is there really a plan behind all of it?

I’m sorry to bother you with all this, but if you want to know what it’s like to be walking in silence all day, I have to share this with you. I had hoped all would fall off me once I was on my way. That I would feel the freedom I really have. Nothing turns out to be less true. It is incredibly hard to surrender to the unknown of the future. It is possible I feel it. But I also feel the surrender is walking just one step ahead of me, all the time.

“Just give it some time”, a wise woman would say. However true that is, I feel the urge to push towards a certain outcome of all that I’m going through. Knowing what I want, I wish I could fast forward time and live the outcome already. But of course, that would ruin all. Not only my trip, my life’s adventure, but also the surprise that’s called life. It will never be as planned or thought, that I know. Having said that, I would give all I have to right some of my wrongs, and since all I have now is time, I’d better give it lovingly.

Physically all is well. The pack starts to feel more a blessing than a curse and I’ve got only one blister so far. I do miss some comfort of a house, a fridge, a couch, the company of my friends and so on, but I’m well taken care off. As I’m walking the Camino my new friend (see photo) greets me everywhere. He’s not speaking much, but he hangs in there. Yesterday I was invited by Nicole. She worked in the bar I was having a beer and did not think it was a good idea of me to sleep in the woods. So she offered me her couch and made me früstuck in the morning. That was lovely, thank you Nicole!

I’m on my way south to Aachen, where I hope to be Thursday or Friday, and then start my way east into the heart of Germany. I still hope to meet some of you along my way. Feel free to contact me whenever you like.