Electronics during a hike

The mistake
In the modern day, one hardly finds a hiker without electronics. From lights, phones, cameras, and GPS to GoPro, Ipads and  laptops, people carry a lot of stuff with them. I did not want this at first. Why? Weight. Not only of the devices itself, but also of the batteries or chargers that this equipment uses. I walked away with a Acers Liquid S1 smartphone, my GPS device and my Ipod. With my phone I would go online, take photos, update my website and stay in touch with friends and family at home. It was the perfect combination for me. Until I accidently dropped it.

At first I thought I would only need a decent smartphone. It has everything one needs. But the accident with my phone showed me different. I was lucky to have my GPS, otherwise I would have been lost. This made me think. What do I value during my trip, and at what price, in terms of weight, does it come?  I needed to find my way and wanted to record my trip, so I needed a GPS. Second, I wanted to be able to call for help is necessary, so I needed a phone. One that can make calls and which battery lasts forever. Those were essentials in my opinion.

The extras
But I had my website. I really loved writing and working on it during my trip. Was I willing to invest in a tablet or small laptop to be able to keep doing this? I found that I was. But taking photos with a tablet is ugly. You don’t have it in your pocket, so you have to take off your back, get the tablet and make a photo. If you want to save batteries, you probably switched it off first so by the time the photo is taken, the bird is long gone. And what are the best memories one can have? Photos.

So I bought a camera. A small, decent one. Water- and shockproof so it would last me my trip. This was probably one of my best decisions I made during the trip.


What to take into account when deciding on electronics for your trip?

·         What do I really, really need? (People have been traveling without any electronics for centuries)

·         How will I charge them on my trip?

·         Can I charge different items with one charger? (Remember, time is sometimes limited)

·         Travelling through poor countries, do I still feel safe?

·         Does the fun of shooting photos/ movies, making a website outweigh the cons?