”Tell me about your trip! How was it? Did you get from it what you wanted? What is your best experience? What country surprised you the most? Did you ever experience anything negative? How was it to be alone all this time? Tell me about the people you met! Were you not scared during the nights? How did you walk? What did you prefer, walking of cycling?”

All these and more questions have been asked over the last couple weeks. But the most asked question is probably; ”When can I read your book?” I am surprised by the number of people who read my stories and followed me on my trip. I hear people talk about my trip like they themselves went. Of course I tried my best to keep you up to date while I was on my way, but it was impossible to tell you everything. Now that I am home again and have my four diaries back together, I am starting to relive and rewrite my adventure. The coming year or so I will write a detailed account of my trip which could eventually turn into a book. It will contain factual information like the route I walked,the people I met, culture and history along the way and so on. It will be a travel book, but it will also be my personal travel account. You will get to experience the trip as I did. I will take you by the hand and lead you through my thoughts and emotions and will reflect on those two with you. A bit like I did before, but this will go deeper.

It would be a dream of me to have it published in book form eventually. But I think it is realistic to say that chances are small this will actually happen. So I’ve come up with something different. In stead of you having to wait for months or maybe even years for a full book to be published, I will grant you access to my writings as they progress. For a contribution of €10,- (just once) you will be on top of things as they develop. You will be able to interact with me about my writings, provide me with feedback and even have the possibility to ask me to write about specific topics or experiences. Hopefully these stories will inspire you as much (or even more) as did my normal blog posts. It is my intention to have a publishable writing ready every three weeks/ every month. However, I find it more important to write meaningful stories and I know from experience that inspiration is not always there when it is wanted.

To give you an idea of what I have to offer you, I have made ‘Departure’, the first part of my account, freely available for all. You can read it here! If you like it and want more, you can subscribe here.

As I do want to travel more in the future and keep this website alive, I need money. And I want to work for it! So if you have or know a place for me to work, I would be glad to hear from you via an e-mail on thomas@trekkingthomas.com. Thank you!