The Full Story

''We could be so much more than we are'' - AB

I am surprised by the number of people who read my stories and followed me on my trip. I hear people talk about my trip like they themselves went. Of course I tried my best to keep you up to date while I was on my way, but it was impossible to tell you everything. Now that I am home again and have my four diaries back together, I am starting to relive and rewrite my adventure. The coming year or so I will write a detailed account of my trip which could eventually turn into a book. It will contain factual information like the route I walked,the people I met, culture and history along the way and so on. It will be a travel book, but it will also be my personal travel account. You will get to experience the trip as I did. I will take you by the hand and lead you through my thoughts and emotions and will reflect on those two with you. A bit like I did before, but this will go deeper.

Hopefully these stories will inspire you as much (or even more) as did my normal blog posts. It is my intention to have a publishable writing ready every three weeks/ every month. However, I find it more important to write meaningful stories and I know from experience that inspiration is not always there when it is wanted.