I am glad to see you found my website. As everything about my walk through Europe is still in preparation, so is this website. I have decided I am going to walk to Istanbul from Nijmegen. I have also decided that I will be leaving early July, right after my 25th birthday. There is still a lot to be done. The coming weeks I will be gathering information about the exact route I will be walking.

Based on that I will make a schedule so I can start making arrangements for the overnight stays. I can use some help with that, since I am quite new to for example Couchsurfing. Feel free to contact me. But more on that the coming weeks.

I am also looking for someone who can do a little translation for me. I do want to tell people along the way about the purpose of my travel. My German is a bit rusty. I am sure I’m fine explaining my walk along the way. But I also want to be able to leave some press releases along the way for local newspapers. Want to help me out? Contact me!

I will have more requests in the coming weeks but for now the last one is a call to share my adventure with as many people as you possibly can. I will need a lot of support and encouragement, and an international network along my route. I am hoping to stay with as many religious organizations as possible, so any help in this direction would be really appreciated.

Don’t forget to leave a message below!