Dear friends,

A couple of days ago I accidently dropped my phone, It does not work anymore. I do not know if I’ll be able to replace it, so i do not know if the website will be updated as frequent as I would like. The insurance needs a lot of stuff which I do not have on the road, and with my parents on holiday, it might take a while before everything is organized again.

The last couple of days I walked with Klemens from Berlin. He travels through Germany without any money. He is currently waiting outside for me, wich is why I cannot write you too much at the moment. But somewhere in the coming days I will find some proper  time to update you on all that happened the last couple of days.  But it all fits to perfectly not to tell you!

I’m sorry for all this, but it is part of being on the road I guess.

By the way, I will walk my first 1000km today!

All the best,