I just cannot contain my joy of buying a bike and cart. I am exited again about continuing. I now see I was done walking. It challenged me a great deal, but I now feel my bike challenges me in a whole different way. I go faster, need to adopt to changing environments quicker and need to build totally different muscles. The first day on the bike was horrible, just horrible.

I heart a sissing sound during the night and thought it could only be my tire. It was. The next morning, surrounded by at least a thousand mosquitoes, I changed it and set out for Pècs. I soon arrived in the first small village. I bought some bread and a drink. Before I could finish it I arrived in the second village already! I almost passed it without stopping. I saw a supermarket and wasn’t even exited of seeing it. While walking, I needed every village to get water or food, now I just rushed trough it without even knowing the name. Having the backpack on my back just sucked. I needed a break every 20 minutes. This of course is not necessarily a bad thing, but if it is because some things just hurt too much, I could have kept walking.

The approach of Pècs was uphill. I just couldn’t get my legs around anymore and had to walk. What a bummer… The last bit was downhill into the city, bit too steep and curvy tot really enjoy the ride. I almost forgot to look at the beautiful surrounds. As I struggled my way up through the woods, the sun shine warm through the orange/ braun leaves. And however it was 25 degrees, there was this special autumn smell in the air.

In Pècs I visited every bike shop on my way (which were all the shops in town) to find a cart. The last one had one. (Obviously it was the last one because I needn’t to look any further.) Its a simple cart, two wheels, bit rusty frame and some wobbly screws. But it was what I was looking for! The moment I saw it I was in love, my adventure goes on! I was expected by Simon Wintermans. He traveled from Utrecht to Istanbul on bike in 2010 and provided me with some useful information. It calmed my nerves about biking a bit and when we bought a waterproof bag for my cart the next morning, I actually felt a bit of confidence in going on by bike.

After a slow start in the city, I soon cruised through hills and villages, over big and small roads towards the fifth country of my trip, Croatia. The sun was hot again, 30 degrees, almost no wind and very few traffic. I loved to be on the road again. The new experience is just amazing. I have no words for it. I need to learn to trust the cart a bit, but it’ll come along the way. The endless cornfields are suddenly beautiful and inspiring to travel. With the sun setting in my back and almost no physical extortion, I reached the Croatian border. I put up my tent in the small park in Draz and feel blessed once again. A light breeze is keeping the mosquitoes away and the stars tell me I need not worry, not now.

With love,

Trekking Thomas