Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen. Waar ik loop is van nu afgaan een weg. – Acda en de Munnik

The moment is finally here! I have packed all my stuff and shut the door of my apartment, never to return again. The last couple of days have been tough. My birthday was a day filled with laughter and crying. It was good to see everyone one last time before the great adventure. To know that all believe in me and support me.

I have had a lot of donations, either in cash or via the internet. So much even that the money should no longer be an issue during my planned 6 months. If you contributed; thank you so much! I did not have time to reply to all individually, but as times go by I hope to reach out to you all individually.

While packing my stuff yesterday my GPS device gave up on me. It was quite a shock, but these things can happen. I managed to fix it this time though and hope it will guide me to Istanbul. I know I will get there without it, but some guidance from the modern era would make it a lot easier.

I hope all will work out with this website so l can keep you updated during the way. I will try to get internet working in Germany, but the walking is my number one priority from now on. Anouk is walking with me for the last time now. She joins me the first hour after which my parents await me for the next couple of kms. After that I am on my own, as longed for so long.

Thank you all for supporting me. I hope you will continue with the leaving of messages. From now on I will be really needing them. See you in 6 months!